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Welcome to my Neocities page! Do read my dni and byf before interacting! If you can check out my other socials by clicking the links on the right side!

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Mari's Cottage ( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)

Welcome! I am Marisol, you can call me Mari/Mars. I am fourteen and a filipino :) I write, talk about shifting and create graphics. If your more interested on learning more click on the links --->

Likes: reading, writing, poetry, gaming, baking astrology, spirituality, shifting, fanfics, anything romance (not including those netflix films lmao-), cottagecore, fashion, rain, crystals

Dislikes: horror, jumpscares, toxic fandoms/stans, spicy food, insects, waking up early, school, research essays, coffee

Fandoms: mcu, marauders and golden trio era, tua, mphfpc, glee, asoue, hilda, saiki k, sherlock bbc, ouat, the flash

Stan list: loki, friggason, wanda maximoff, stephen strange, steven grant, marc spector, khonshu, layla el-faouly, thor odinson, natasha romanoff, pietro maximoff, tony stark, scott lang, druig, makari, thena, sersi, jim moriarty, sherlock holmes, sirius black, sam evans, santana lopez, finn hudson, rodrick heffley, five hargreeves, isabella madrigal, dolores madrigal, louis partridge florence pugh, andrew garfield, benedict cumberbatch, tom hiddleston, elizabeth olsen, oscar isaac, camilo madrigal, bruno madrigal, the marauders, the avengers, kingo, phastos, blaine anderson, kurt hummel, mitski, queen, ac/dc, taylor sswift, clairo, girl in red, pink pantheress, mother mother, skz, claire rosinkranz


DNI: basic dni criteria , anti of spirituality/witchcraft, my simps or stans, fetishizes mlm/wlw relationships, proshipper, dumbledore/snape/tomarry/draco stan,

BYF: Use tonetags, you can make sexual jokes i dont mind as long as your also a minor, read my prns PLEASE, i use gay as an umbrella term, i make a lot of "step on me/kill me" jokes for characters/ppl i like, i do read smut (so unholy!! /j)